Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day After Christmas

After spending Christmas night in Murfreesboro, Newt's dad and Frances came from Atlanta. We had another great time with them. I did start to slack on taking pictures...these are the only ones I took that day.
Luke opening his bag of horse figures.

Hudson got his own stuffed animal. Luke loves his animals and they are off limits for Hudson to play with. So Hudson needed his own. Of course Luke told me later that it was his. Poor Hudson will never have anything for himself.

Christmas Day in Murfreesboro

After breakfast in Milan on Christmas morning, we loaded up and went to Newt's mom's house in Murfreesboro. We had a relaxing time and ate even more great food.
Hudson was such a trooper throughout all of the festivities and crashed in Grandmother's arms.

Luke couldn't get past his fascination with Grandmother's stocking to see what was inside.


This train set was Newt's when he was little. We couldn't believe that he was letting Hudson sit in the middle of it. We really couldn't believe that Hudson was sitting still and only watching Luke play. Hudson is into EVERYTHING these days.

Christmas Morning...Santa

Christmas morning we woke up at 6:00. My dad always wakes us up early "I won't let the sun come up on this Christmas." He says this every year. Luke was thrilled by his presents from Santa. After we play with our new toys we have a LARGE Christmas breakfast...yum!

Christmas Eve in Milan

We spent Christmas Eve in Milan. I guess that is becoming our tradition for Santa to come to Mimi and Pap's house. We have lots of fun... never a dull moment with my family.
Luke got to go to work with Pap at the Bank. It was blue jean day. Luke was sooo excited! Notice the brief case. Inside were crayons, snacks, books and diapers...what a "big boy."

I had the bright idea to finish a blanket that I started about 15 years ago...seriously. My grandmother taught me how to crochet during an ice storm when we were inside for a few days. So, I decided to finish this blanket on the 23rd. When we got to Milan I had to sneak around to get Grandmother to help me with the trim. I finished it and I think Marci was surprised with it.

Newt looks slightly stressed in this picture...where is the mother and why is she not helping out?

This is Luke and Hudson with my 1st cousins, Nathan and Courtney.

Sibling shot

Mimi and her boys. Hudson got this glow worm and loved it. He fell asleep in Mimi's lap even with all of the commotion.

My aunt Carol Ann, Mom, Marci, Me and Courtney. All of the girls except for Grandmother.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Congratulations Marci & Chad!

Marci and Chad are expecting their 1st baby on August 2nd, 2009! We are all so excited about this new baby. I tried to upload her ultrasound picture from today, but blogger wouldn't let me. I assure you it was a beautiful peanut!

Monday, December 8, 2008


This is for you Tracy. 4th folder, 4th picture. Hudson is maybe 3 months pushing up. I now tag Cristie B., Kim W., Julie Adcox Davis (because I also want wedding pics) and Whitney:)

Happy Thanksgiving

We have become big fans of dominos.

Hudson always gets in a trance when my grandmother holds him. He is never this still with anyone else. Sweet.

The dreaded family photo that mom wanted for a Christmas card.

Cousins: Me, Rebekah, Marci and Sydney

Luke setting the breakfast table for Thanksgiving dinner. He did not come out of that jersey all weekend.

Happy 3rd Birthday Luke (and Hudson's 7th month)

I hate that this picture came up first because these p.j.'s are so ugly. But Luke loved his 1st bicycle...Thomas the Train

What a bod!

I love this picture of Merrill


Luke had such a fun day. After the party, he and Pap sat in the car listening to the LSU fight song...he just pooped out. This is a picture of him asleep. My dad had to prop up his head because the helmet was making him a bobble head.

I love this picture of Merrill and Hudson

What a line up! Left to Right: Jonah (our neighbor), Emery, Merrill, Henry, Luke, Addy, Hudson, Bryce, Virginia and Tori.

I did not take many pictures of Hudson in his 7th month, so I had to put this one in.

I can't believe that Luke is 3! Time has flown by. We had a fun little party for him at home with a few good friends. The theme was Thomas the train. Luke has been obsessed with trains for a long time now. I would think he would get bored with them, but not my child.

Hudson's Sixth Month & Halloween

I had to put this picture in of Cowboy Bryce in the background

Luke and Addy had great time trick or treating. What a fun tradition!

Hudson attacking turtle Lola during the photoshoot at Hollis' Halloween party. I'm so mad, I never got a group shot of all 8+ babies.

I love this face!

Luke has been fascinated by Butler ever since Butler was baptized months ago. Butler is a good sport to humor Luke.

Happy Pumpkin

Hollis and Hudson at Hollis' Halloween party.

Best family shot I could get at Trunk or Treat.

BIG 6 month old baby!

I love p.j.'s!

Hudson's 6 Month Stats:

22 pounds (97%)

27 1/2 inches (85%)

Crawling everywhere, starting to pull up some, first two teeth.

Hudson is a very happy baby. He started to back-track on his sleep some. Dr. Godfrey told me to let him cry it out (poor baby.) I am much softer on Hudson than I was on Luke. However, it is time to get some sleep.

Halloween: Luke said for months that he wanted to be an elephant and Hudson to be a peanut. Well, I did not find (or look very hard for) a peanut costume for Hudson, so he was the same pumpkin that Luke was his first Halloween.