Monday, March 30, 2009

Hudson's Ear Tubes

Hudson got tubes in his ears this morning. After about 10 ear infections, Dr. Godfrey said it was time to move on to tubes. We woke Hudson up at 6:15, put him in the car, arrived at the surgery center at 6:45, did paper work, they took Hudson back at 8:05, we were called back to see him in the recovery room at 8:15, and were on our way home at 8:30. It was so fast and easy. He wasn't hesitant at all to go with the OR nurse. I did not cry, but it did feel odd handing him over to her. While we were in the waiting room Mark Fry, from church, came by to see us and bring donuts. How thoughtful! When they called us back to see him in recovery I walked into the room to see the nurse holding him and giving him a juice bottle. (He had not had anything to eat or drink since the night before.) He heard my voice, turned in my direction, but could not focus on my face because he was so loopy from the anesthesia. Pitiful! After eating (ALOT) and playing when we got home, he is now sleeping soundly. I am so glad we have this behind us and look forward to a well baby this spring and summer.
In the car at 6:15 AM wondering what in the world we were doing.

On his bed before surgery. Notice the arm band on his ankle and the big smile behind the paci. I was holding his hand so he wouldn't dive off the bed. The nurse gave him the teddy bear:)

As you can see, he was very happy this morning.

On the way home. He still couldn't make eye contact with me:(

Grandmother came over EARLY this morning to be with Luke. They made this welcome home card and had a present (fruit puffs) for brother.
Last night I was explaining to Luke that we were going to take Hudson to see Dr. Cate early in the morning to fix his ears and that when he wakes up Grandmother would be there with him. Well, the selective listener that he is, all he heard was that Daddy, Mommy and Hudson were leaving him in the middle of the night. He said with a shaky voice and tears forming, "But you can't leave me here all by myself." Sad, sad, sad! I reminded him that Grandmother was coming and he knows that she always has treats for him in her "Mary Poppins Bag." That made him happy. I was home in time to take him to school this morning. He held onto me and cried. He NEVER does that. I felt terrible because I know it was a weird morning for him. I almost took him home with me but I knew Hudson might need the alone time to recover. I never have been the mom that stays and coddles a crying child. Not that I don't love them but they are always fine as soon as I am around the corner. AND, if I were to make a huge deal about it, he might decide to make a habit of it. However, I did feel bad this morning, so this afternoon is going to be all about Luke.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hudson 11 Month Pictures

These pictures are in reverse order. This is a picture of Hudson after he worked very hard to get on the couch all by himself.
Almost there

So proud...

Where's Hudson? A question I ask often these days. I can't turn my back for a second or he is climbing into something he shouldn't.

Here they had been playing under the bed. Hudson actually showed Luke this trick. As wild as Luke is, he was never a very curious or creative explorer. Hudson is a total different story.

At 11 months, Hudson is an extremely active child. He is into everything. I just don't remember Luke being this BUSY! Not walking yet but is getting very close. He took a couple steps to Katie the other night. (That a boy to take his first steps toward a pretty blond!) Just because he is not walking does not mean that he isn't getting exactly where he wants to be. He is still a very good baby. He is letting himself be known a bit more now. He does not have any tolerance for Luke taking toys away or being too rough. It is usually partly his fault for being a little sensitive although I do get onto Luke a lot for wrestling with his baby brother.


A month ago we went to Greenback to visit Newt's Uncle Jim and Aunt Evelyn. The only pictures that I got were these of the big boys playing on the tractor.

Hudson 10 Month Pictures

I have been terrible about posting. I am finally getting 10 month pictures on now that he is almost 12 months! He really started getting around well at 10 months. (Little did I know then that he was only getting started.)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Marci and Chad are having a...

Two more and we'll have a basketball team! (That will be up to Marci)