Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We Love Summer Time

Here is Luke playing with his new "Water Park" from Grandmother. This is before he proceeded to remove ALL of his clothes. He feels the need to do this everytime we play with our new toy. He asks, "Mom, you take yours shirt off too?" I guess he would just love to live at a nudest colony.

Luke's new Lightening McQueen from Grand Bob. He is actually a pretty good little driver.

Here is Luke playing in his "train station." I put all of his trains in this corner and baracaded him in with the ottoman. He plays in there for hours at a time. It is amazing how much fun old toys can be by just putting them in new places.

We are having so much fun swimming this summer. Here is Tori, Emery (Ermry to Luke), Virginia (Murgina), Henry and Luke.

Merrill and Hudson did so good in the shade.

Emery and Virginia

Luke and Emery

Hudson napping by the pool (the second child can sleep anywhere)

Hudson's Two Month Pictures

Hudson was 14# 4oz at his two month check up. The smallest clothes he wears now is 6 months. We are not surprised because Luke grew at this pace as well. He is really trying to communicate these days. We have "baby-talk" much fun! He is a great sleeper. For the most part, he only wakes once a night to eat and goes right back to sleep. As for Luke, the newness is slowly wearing off. Luke just does not realize his own strength. For example, when he tickles he leaves fingernail marks. When he hugs, he squeezes and doesn't let go. (Sorry to all of our friends that have received these tickles and hugs.) One more story and then I'll stop. One night after church Hudson was in my lap and Luke was going in for a kiss on his forehead, so I thought. Hudson let out a bone chilling cry and I noticed teeth marks. I immediately let Luke have it. Luke said in his own words that he did not bite Hudson, but Hudson was Jonah and Luke was the whale. Jonah was just too big. All in all, Luke is adapting wonderfully...ha, ha!

I'm a couple weeks late posting these pictures, but I am gonna try to do this every month because I wish I did this with Luke.