Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Feeding the Ducks

Luke loves to stroll down the road to look for "Suzie and Mallard." We always take bread to feed them.

One of these days I'm going to learn to take extra bread because Luke eats most of it on the way to the creek. Notice the firetrucks that he wanted to show the ducks:)

Here is Luke playing with my workout ball. He always pretends to be so out of breathe when he plays with it. I guess I'm a little out of shape.

Memorial Day Weekend

"Your wish is my command" was the theme of the weekend in Milan. If I heard Pap say this to Luke once, I heard it a million times. No wonder Luke is so obsessed with my dad! He gets anything and everything he asks for. Spoiled rotten!

Pap's hands may be on the handles, but I assure you that Luke is the driver.

Exhaustion after a long day playing

Second wind... dancing to Neil Diamond after a much needed bath.

Church time

Mimi gave Luke a bible that was uncle Mark's...he had it in his hand all during church and slept with it on the way back to Nashville... this is a good sign isn't it??

Sweet baby

Luke had a great time playing with his cousins Courtney and Nathan.

I have such a great family. Never a dull moment when we are together.

Summer-Time Fun

Luke had lots of fun with Addy in her backyard.

We had a great time swimming with Tori at SuSu's.

Happy 3rd Birthday Emery!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cute Pictures

Grand Bob and Gran Fran

Luke playing Hide-N-Seek
"Mom, you'll never find me!"

Yes, these are Luke's feet again

Another use for a boppy

Hudson- One Month Old

I can't believe Hudson is already one month old! He is already changing so much. Here are a few milestones...

Sweet face! His is starting to make eye contact with me and perk up when he hears my voice.

His body is already rounding out. Bye Bye bird legs.

He loves tummy time and is raising his head--still a little wobbly.

Starting to look at his toys that we put in front of him. Notice big brother in the background "helping."

This is the best picture I have captured of his smile with Mimi. He is also cooing a little when we talk to him. It is the sweetest sound!

Discovery Center

Luke loves going to the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro when we visit Grandmother. There is always something new and exciting to play with.

One of the big kids splashed water in his face. Luke thought about crying but put on his brave face in front of the other kids.

Driving the "choo choo train"

Trip to Milan

I took Luke and Hudson to Milan a couple of weeks ago.

Hudson meeting his Great Grandmother "Grant"

Julie and Amber

Uncle Adam, aunt Carol Ann, cousin Nathan and Courtney

Luke, what a giant next to Hudson!

Uncle Mark