Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Enjoying the Last Few Weeks of Summer '08

Luke and Cotton in Atlanta. The poor cats were chased all weekend. (This picture should be down with the other Atlanta pictures...not sure what I did wrong.)

Luke and Addy at the zoo today. They had a blast! Such good buddies! Notice the Thomas hat. Luke has inherited lots of Thomas the Train paraphinalia (thanks Stacia) and has loved the hat. He has to move it to the side so he can see. Hopefully not foreshadowing a future thug!!

Hudson and Bryce. Nine months apart and the same size...Hudson may even weigh a little more.

Checking out the elephants.

We bumped into Mandi, Amy and Ginny. Here's cute little Preston.

Playing with Tracy, Bryce, Addy, Virginia and Henry.

Newt took Luke to the "Day Out with Thomas." This is the only picture that I took. He was running circles around the den with his Thomas bag in hand before they left.

Hudson has loved riding in the wagon. Here he is laughing at Luke. Luke can do no wrong in his eyes, well, except for when he yells at Hudson or steps on him:)

Luke with Francis in Atlanta. She made herself a cappacino and Luke "coffee milk."

Luke and Bo

Hudson is catching up

Fishing in the backyard

I just like this picture

Feeding "big dog"

Luke's turn

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hudson's Five Month Pictures

First time to sit up on his own was at Marci and Chad's... the first game (and win) of the season...go Tigers!

Hudson's favorite things:

LUKE...he is officially obsessed with big brother. He can't eat or sleep when he knows Luke is in the room.

Wagon rides...thanks to my friends at work, Hudson loves the wagon. I put him in the bumbo inside the wagon and we "parade" (that's what Luke says)

Anything he can get in his mouth...no teeth yet, but he is constantly chewing and drooling, yuck!