Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Days

We have had sooo much fun these last few days being snowed-in. My schedule worked out perfectly that I have been off and the four of us have had 100%, undistracted family time. Thanks Mimi and Pap for our snow sleds and boots! Luke loved the snow! Hudson...not so much. Most of these pictures are taken from the front window, which was Hudson's favorite place...watching all the fun from the warmth and comfort of the indoors!
"Dad, can we go down just one more time?

I so wonder what all was said between Newt and Luke while they were sitting on the hill...

If Luke sledded down our front hill once, he did 100 fear!

Hudson was frozen, he didn't budge from this stance until he fell and busted his lip on the ice...poor little buddy!

Notice Hudson still frozen in the background

Neighbors came from far and wide to use us for our ski slopes


Bryce and Hudson...we had so much fun at the Ropers' on one of our snowed-in nights!

This pretty much sums up what we did when we were not playing in the snow

"What did I do to deserve this?"

Randy and Ralphie


The Roper's said...

yeah!!!So glad that you got some good family time and that you got to come over!! That pic of Hudson and Bryce is priceless :)

The Roper's said...

OK-the snow has to go!