Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July, 2009

Luke and Nathan loved the sparklers. Luke did not love the big fireworks so much. He did branch out and stand in the garage during the firework show as opposed to staying inside.

We did a lot of sitting in the garage watching the storm.

Here's part of the crew waiting out the storm. Classy, huh?

Nathan, Courtney and Luke playing in the sprinkler after mom's "Water Park" had some technical difficulties.

We love you Uncle Mark!

Grant enjoying some time under the tree.

Tammie and Dad

Chad, Marci (and Teague)

The guys working on the washer pit.

Rebekah, Pap and Hudson

The whole crew under the tree. We had so much fun, can't wait til next year!


The Roper's said...

Well I sure love it when you have a weekend to yourself and get caught up on your blog!! I so enjoyed these and the pics of Marci holding her cute belly!! I love you and your family!!

Zach and Kim said...

Cute pics looks like lots of fun in Milan.

juliette said...

Hope you are doing well. Hope work is also going well. Is marci getting ready????